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Long Distance Gigabit

Long distance rural deployment

Long Distance 5Ghz Microwave Broadband

5Ghz microwave radio broadband is a proven delivery service. Delivering a Gigabit over long distance between 10-23Km can now be achieved and is the ideal fit for rural deployment.

5Ghz Rural Microwave Broadband

airFiber® implements the most efficient use of unlicensed-band spectrum – a vital attribute in increasingly crowded RF environments. By employing a unique dual-antenna design and proprietary self-interference cancellation algorithms, airFiber extracts more usable channels out of the available spectrum than any other comparable radio system. airFiber’s built-in configuration tool guides the selection of RF channel bandwidths, transmit power, and other parameters to minimize interference potential and optimize link budgets.

Gigabit Backhaul Made Easy

Unlicensed spectrum can be unpredictable. So Mimosa custom engineered unique multi-channel and auto-everything technology to protect your links when you encounter interference. We can deliver your service with our radios automatically keep your links up with two independent operating channels, and adapting using our auto-everything technology to resolve problems proactively to deliver optimal link speed and reliability. It's like 2 smart links in a single radio!