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Gigabit voucher for Residents

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Full fibre networks are future proof. They can deliver the connection speeds we need – not only today but far into the future. Demand for greater and greater digital connectivity around the home is set to accelerate and full fibre connections will be able to support that demand.

How to get involved in the scheme

If there are businesses and other residents in your area who want to install a gigabit capable connection you may be able to benefit from a voucher worth up to £500 as part of a group project led by a supplier.

You can approach a business in your area to see if there are any group projects you may be able to join. If there are no projects in your area, you may be able to join up with other residents and local businesses and approach Gigbair directly.

If you are interested in applying for a connection voucher for our wireless service, please provide us with your business location details and contact details so we can assess if your area is covered.